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We’ve transported out market research into how people experience new technology and it is affect on people’s domestic lives. We gave 55 people a questionnaire and received replies from basically four of these. Twenty-four in our respondents are teenagers and individuals about 20, 15 have been in their thirties and middle-aged and also the remainder are upon the market. The 4 individuals who didn’t return their questionnaires are within the thirty-plus age bracket.

We requested people the number of from the following types of today’s technology they possessed in your own home – a pc, a cell phone, an answerphone, the web, a camcorder, a microwave, a toaster, a DVD, a camera, a jacuzzi. We requested these to add every other types of today’s technology which they likewise have got in your own home. Then we requested these to indicate just how much they used each one of the products of contemporary technology they reported possessing. Finally, we requested people to indicate whether these products of contemporary technology were built with a positive or perhaps a negative impact on their lives. At this time within the questionnaire we requested our respondents to include comments explaining exactly how some technology had affected their resides in either negative or positive ways.

Our respondents have a minimum of two products on the list having a microwave, a pc and DVD to be the products most often possessed. Only our respondents offers a Jacuzzi. Three from the respondents have the many other products however the jacuzzi. The majority of the respondents added a minumum of one other illustration of today’s technology: these incorporated automatic automatic washers, vacuums, electric ovens, Audio players. The more youthful the respondent, the much more likely they’re to make use of all of the products they’ve except the DVD and also the washer. They were most widely used using the over-thirties. Of all of the products of recent technology we listed, the camcorder was least commonly used – only a couple of times per month through the teenagers and seldom by older age ranges.

Whenever we requested people whether or not they felt that technology were affecting their resides in an optimistic or perhaps a negative way, all the teenagers and 87% of those in the centre age bracket stated they felt the results of technology were essentially positive. 60-3 % from the respondents felt that technology also provide some unwanted effects on their own lives. The commonest benefits of technology are (so as of frequency of mention):

1. Not waste time

2. Fun

3. Making communications simpler

4. Simple to use

5. Educational.

The side effects pointed out were:

1. Harms health

2. The machines will always be failing

3. Uses an excessive amount of electricity

4. Technology makes people lazy

5. Distracts from studying

6. The machines will always be failing.

To conclude, new technologies are getting a substantial impact on domestic existence. For most of us, especially youthful, these effects are positive. Seniors, even though they use technology only marginally under youthful people do, think it is harder to adjust to it and are more inclined to begin to see the problems within our reliance on it than are teenagers.

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