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Today technology has improved a lot. There are many products available in the stores with various technological features. One of them is fitbit flex, it is a wireless activity. It tracks the activities like sleep, calories burned etc. It looks very simple about the size of a cloth pin, and detects your motion as per the activity. For example, if you wrap it around your wrist at night it monitors the sleep quality, when you wake up etc.

The fitbit flex will not hold the battery for the whole life. You have to keep it on charge as per the need. The time length of the battery usually depends on how often you will use it and the settings. As per the company, the battery of the fitbit flex will work for maximum of 5 days. However, what you have to do when the battery is dead and it won’t charge? Here are some suggestions by the fitbit:

Restart your tracker

You can rectify the problem without losing any information in your tracker by following simple steps:

  • Connect your fitbit charger to an outlet and keep the flex on charging.
  • The charge will have a tiny hole on the back side, place a paperclip into it.
  • Click on it for a few seconds (nearly 3-4 seconds), then you will notice a flash light, which twinkles few times.
  • After a while your charge will get start charging.

This is one of the simple processes which make your charge to function again. However, there are few other reasons you will come across if your charger will not work.

Clean Dust/ Debris

Check the charger twice before charging your flex. If you find any dust particles clean them because it will damage your charge and the flex will not charge. So, keep the charger clean to avoid problems. Some of the easy ways to clean the charger are:

  • Rub alcohol on a toothpick to clean the charger or you can even use a toothbrush for cleaning.
  • If you opt for a toothbrush make sure it is not wet.
  • Do not use a wire brush because it will spoil the plating on the charger.
  • Clean the charger pins with a piece of cotton dipping in alcohol.

Problem in USB port / outlet

Check whether the USB port have any damages. If the fitbit flex charger broken then you have to replace it. You can use a UL- certified charger, but never opt for a USB hub. In some cases, try to use the USB port on a computer or low powered devices to charge the flex.

Malfunctioning of Tracker:

Restart your tracker when there are problems like:

  • If it will not sync.
  • If it will not respond to taps, swipes etc.
  • If it will not track your activities.

If you have tried with all the techniques to rectify the problem but still your charger is not working. Then it is good to contact a customer service for help to solve the problem.



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