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Building and managing your community is more of an art than science. While there’s no single algorithm to help you succeed, there are countless tactics you can try. Before looking at how you can build an online community on social media platforms, it’s prudent to first understand the distinction between a community and followers.

Difference between a community and followers

There’s a huge difference between a community and followers. Here’s the main difference between these two. Followers are one way. Mostly, they aren’t social or interactive. They watch or read passively. Followers don’t participate or share with others.

A community, on the other hand, is a two-way conversation. It’s a living, breathing thing. A community is extremely interactive and social. While some folks in a community might just read or watch, most members participate and share with friends. Having a loyal community following can mean the difference between a drastically growing social fan base or having your platform fade to the rest of social noise on the internet. Your online tribe assists folks to not only stay connected but also remain interested in your company, product, or blog.

How to build an online community on social media platforms

Find advocates

One thing you must do as a community manager is to have advocates for your brand. Moreover, you need to recruit new members to your online community. Both existing and prospective members boast the potential to be advocates. They’re the ones that constantly share, comment, like, tweet, favourite etc. You have the obligation to reach out, reply and make them feel valued.

Create high-quality content

High-quality content is king. Here, content can be videos, texts, photos, or blog posts. Whatever you create, always remember that it’s not always about you. The community should always come first. Whether it be 16-year-old band geeks, football fans or bunny lovers, you must create content that’s entertaining, inspirational, educational, rich and with a unique spin.

Host social conversations

Your social networks must be abuzz with numerous activities and solid traffic. You must figure out a way of getting a conversation going with fans. Find out strategies to use to unite them over with shared interests. Doing so not only increases activity on your website, it also helps your business to build momentum.

How about giving back to fans?

This is another strategy that can really help to build your online community. You need to showcase fans that stir up exciting conversations or share the most content. Offer incentives to members of your community that truly go out of their way with regards to engagement.

 In Summary

Whether you want to grow a vibrant and passionate community online on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook, knowing the strategies to apply is vital. The above are some of the tricks you can use to only make your online community engaging but also scale it a notch higher. Social media marketing is a big part of your SEO plan. If you are outsourcing your SEO to an SEO company, ensure that they have a social media plan for you to create a community rather then just followers. At the end of the day, followers do not generate revenue. A community, will.

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