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Marie Sofsian


Apr 21, 2017

You can’t be the Jack of all trades. You have done almost everything you could for that budding business enterprise of yours. But still, taking up that pen and writing about it might be a little too much for you.

The fact is that you need some high-quality content to get the SEO rankings and the desired results you are aiming for. There is always the option to outsource it to expert content writers who can offer you their content writing services.

So the next valid question is this! Where should you outsource your content writing services? Here are the top 5 places you should definitely try.

  1. Your Local Content Writing Agency

Before you go online, it isn’t a bad idea to try your local content writing agency. They might have some experienced SEO writers, technical writers and Ebook copywriters you can outsource your work to.

  1. Job Boards like ProBlogger

ProBlogger isn’t just a blog. It has a job board where clients look for talented freelance writers. The writers you find there would be of great quality, but will be very expensive too. This might not be a good option if your content writing plans run on a shoestring budget. Also, you need to pay a monthly membership fee to register with the site and view the job board.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the largest online portals to find writers. There are a wide variety of writers registered with the website and you will be able to find good writers that fit into your budget. But content writing services aren’t the only priority of the website. It might seem to be a bit too complex with lots of freelancing discipline integrated into it.

  1. Contentmart

Contentmart is very different from a normal online content writing agency. Actually, it isn’t any online content agency, but a content marketplace situated in the cyber world. With lots of writers registered with the website, you never run of good options to choose from. Writers can be found at different per word rates and outsourcing can be done very cheaply. Contentmart keeps a profile of writers and this makes your choice much simpler. The work quality and timely delivery is guaranteed by the website’s refund policy. You can also ask for revisions until you get satisfactory results from the writers. Contentmart is a great place to outsource your content writing needs.

  1. Offline Content Writing Services

Apart from the online websites, you can also go for the offline content writing services and similar service-providers in your locality. Analyze their track record in your niche before choosing one.


Outsourcing your content writing makes your job much easier and also helps improve the quality. You might be a website owner trying to improve your search rankings or a busy writer trying to get an Ebook ghostwritten. The above options could help you find decent SEO writers and Ebook copywriters.

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Tips to select the best prepaid cellular connection

Apr 20, 2017

With a good prepaid cellular service, you can enjoy a hassle-free telephoning experience. If you’re using a landline number or a contract phone plan- you can move out of all these bondages and have a prepaid connection. You can know more about the latest plans of the best cellular services at Metro Rumors. Honestly, the majority of the cellular phone users across the globe are prepaid users for its various benefits.

Highlighting the reasons for using a prepaid wireless service—

Stop paying the monthly bills

With a postpaid landline connection or a contract phone plan you are bound to pay the monthly rentals. But with the prepaid connection, there is no such constraint. In fact, you can opt for cheaper plans if you don’t use the cell phone that much. This is how you can save immensely on your mobile and data usage.

Be a responsible parent

If you have to pay the telephone bills of your children, you can ask them to have prepaid connections. These are far more affordable and your children will be aware of the limitations of using the plans.

Pay less on overseas calls

If you’re living in a foreign country and looking for a cellular service with great international calling facilities, you can choose the plans accordingly. Companies like Metro PCS offer unlimited international calls on mobile to landline starting with their $10 package. Again, the same service provider offer unlimited SMS to international cell numbers with a minimum plan.

You can also obtain Wi-Fi calling services through any of the popular cellular services and can call to any international number at a negligible amount and sometimes even at free of cost.

Freedom of choosing any smartphone

Often you may have to use the same phone with the contract mobile plans, but you have the freedom of using any mobile phone with a prepaid connection. All you need is to recharge the handset and start calling your friends or families.

Great data services

You can avail 4G LTE data connectivity with any reputed prepaid cellular service provider. You also have the freedom of changing the plans per your need every month.

How to choose the best prepaid connection?

Uninterrupted network and great coverage

If you’re in the process of locating the best prepaid cellular connection, then first of all find out the reputation of the companies depending on the network. You need to choose the cellular connectivity considering the quality of their uninterrupted network. You, being the customer shouldn’t compromise with that. A wireless service with a bad network cannot ensure you with the best service.

Also, make sure about the coverage. The network depends on region to region and you need to choose the service provider reputed for offering the best connectivity and network.

Great plans

If you’re leaving the postpaid cellular connection or the contract cellular plan and moving to a prepaid connection, you need to make sure that it can be budget-friendly. All the best companies offer the plans of various packages including the local calls, SMS, international calls etc.

These are a few things that you must check while choosing a postpaid cellular connection.

Author’s Bio – John is a telecommunication engineer and working in an established firm for over a few decades. He has a passion for writing on postpaid cellular connections and latest things happening in the telecom industries.

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Don’t Miss These Facts about Choosing Online Directories

Mar 31, 2017

Sample this – You are traveling in Asia, and while paying at a particular shop, you realize that your credit card has been blocked or just won’t work. What are your options? Probably, you will search for the customer care number of the concerned service provider or bank, but do you really have that much time in emergencies? This is precisely why smart consumers choose to rely on online directories. An online directory is much like a traditional phonebook or a printed telephone directory, except for the fact that it’s accessible online and on mobile devices. In this post, we will talk about the growing importance of online directories and how you can find one that’s handy for your personal use.

Great for customers and businesses

The consumer market is very saturated in every industry, and companies are looking for ways to retain customers. Keeping the actual products and services aside, most businesses are now investing in customer support, by offering helpline and hotline numbers along with email and other contact details. Sadly, the information available to the end users isn’t as sorted as needed. It is rather impossible to save numbers of all the brands you use. Online directories bridge this simple gap by offering comprehensive listings. No matter whether you are looking for Xbox helpline or the number of a credit card service, you will find everything at one place.

Finding an online directory

There are many options for online directories, and hence, finding the right one can be a challenge at times. It is important that you choose one that’s meant for your country or region. If you are a desktop user, a regular online portal is more than enough, but for mobile users, an app may come handy. You might also want to check if the website is easy to use and manage. After all, no one wants to spend hours in finding a contact number. The directory should also have a helpline number, so that customers can easily access their team when needed.

It is important to mention here that some websites do allow customers to call the different numbers directly from their website for an added cost. This can be a beneficial option, but it is advisable that you check the CPM or cost per minute before trying such services. Lastly, make sure that the website is updated on a regular basis, so that you get updated information.

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How Machine Works – The Working Of A Semi-Hermetic Compressor

Mar 25, 2017

A semi-hermetic compressor is the one that has a removable cover to replace faulty parts in the system. Where a gas compressor helps in increasing gas pressure by reducing the volume of gas, a semi-hermetic compressor is a mechanical device that comes under the category of a sealed compressor.

Types of compressors

The compressor is available in three main types: open, semi-hermetic and hermetic. Their design differs and depended on the way the compressor and motor drive are positioned with respect to the compressed gas or vapour.

In the case of hermetic compressors, the motor and compressor are sealed and in no way, they are accessible. In the case of semi-hermetic compressors, a metal shell design with covers is used so that it allows a user to open it easily and to replace any faulty or damaged components in the machine.

What does it do?

Semi hermetic compressors help in increasing the gas pressure and transfer the gas via a piping system as per the system distribution requirements. Electricity imparts energy to the motor that leads to the rotation of the compressor. As the pump of a compressor has a piston, it creates a low-pressure region between the cylinder head and piston top at the time of down stroke.

Gas moves into the low-pressure region via a suction valve. With the upstroke of the piston, the opening of suction valve closes. It forces the exhaust valve and opens it. The gas is in compressed form and forced via high-pressure zone or discharge section of the system.

How are semi Hermetic reciprocating compressors beneficial for refrigeration?

Semi-hermetic compressors are the first choice for many refrigeration systems. These low power consuming compressors have been rated as the most energy efficient systems for decades. They have the capacity to deliver up to 10% more energy efficiency than any other reciprocating compressor technology manufactured by other companies.

Features of these compressors

  • A single model of these compressors easily works for multi-refrigerants R407F, R404A, R134a, R407A/C, R448A, R22, and R449A
  • Brand new range of 6 and 4 cylinder compressors starts from 62 to 153 m3/h
  • Increased cooling capacity and energy efficiency of up to fifteen percentage, makes them more preferred as compared to other competitive compressors

  • Enabled with diagnostics, advanced protection, and preventive maintenance
  • Uninterrupted capacity modulation with the help of an inverter

The semi-hermetic compressor is much preferred over other types of compressors.  It has been designed such that the performance of these compressors effectively meets the basic market needs.

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Quick Guide For Disabling “Find My Iphone” On Your Device!

Mar 22, 2017

 “Find My iPhone” is one of the most usefu apps you can have on your iPhone. However, there are instances when you may need to disable the option. “Find My iPhone” was primarily designed to find the location of iPhone, in the case of loss or theft. However, if you intend to sell the device, it is essential to disable the app. If you are wondering how to disable find my iPhone, we have enlisted two simple options below for your help. Keep in mind that both options will need the Apple user ID and password that was used for the setup procedure.

  • Using your device – If you have access to your iPhone, you can deactivate the app from settings. Open the Settings tab and tap on iCloud. Here, you will find the option of ‘Find My iPhone.’ To deactivate, you need to type the correct Apple user ID and password and hit the option of ‘Turn off.’ This should get the task done, but in case you have any confusion, you will find many small tutorials on the web for help. If you are deactivating the app for selling the device, it is best to reset the iPhone to its original factory setting.

  • Using iCloud remotely – In rare cases, users do have issues in turning off the app. If you don’t have access to your device at the moment or need to turn it off remotely, you can use iCloud for the same purpose. However, the concerned iPhone must be turned off during the deactivation process. Open iCloud from your laptop/desktop and log in using the right Apple user ID and password. You will find a list of all devices registered on that ID and must select the one that you wish to sell. Select the X” mark next to your chosen device and you will find two options, namely “Remove from Account” and “Erase iPhone.”

If you select “Erase iPhone,” it will turn off the Find My iPhone app and the Activation Lock. This is a good option if you have lost the device passcode or the iPhone itself. On the other hand, “Remove Your Account” is a good choice if you have already erased the iPhone or have given the device to a third person.  With this option, you can delink the phone from your Apple user ID, because there’s no need to track iPhone location anymore.

Always choose the first process, especially if you have access to your device.


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How to Finance Your New Business

Mar 7, 2017

The internet makes it easy for anyone to start a new business in their spare time, but no matter what business you have your mind on, you will need a little finance.

Businesses can be started online with less than ten pounds, especially if you’re a freelancer selling services. You can create profiles on marketplaces and pay the fees only when you’re paid from a job well done. If you are selling products however, you may need a little more investment and will no doubt need to build a reputable website.

A website isn’t cheap as you need to buy the domain name, the security certificate, the website building (be it a developer or a site maker tool), the hosting and the copywriting. You may also need to invest in SEO services to ensure your website is seen by Google. Regardless of this, it’s still much cheaper than renting office or warehouse space and can actually be achieved with as little as £500. If you have no spare change right now, how do you finance your business?

Claim a Tax Rebate

You can claim a tax rebate in a variety of ways, from claiming tax back when you go self employed (the most obvious one for starting a business) to uniform tax rebates. A tax rebate could finance your online business enough to get you off the ground with the basics, ensuring you don’t get into debt when you start to live your dream.

Cash in Old Coins

The majority of us have old currencies and foreign coins from holidays past hiding down the arms of the sofa or hidden in a drawer. You can convert these easily online, allowing you to benefit from money you didn’t know you had. You can also use a website like Cash4Coins to crowd fund your idea. Ask people to donate their foreign coins and benefit from great conversion rates.

Choose an Advertising Company that Give a Great Return

Organic SEO is the best way to market your company and to ensure it reaches the coveted top spot on Google.  Organic SEO is easy but long-winded, you simply need to share great content and ensure other publications link to you (which they will if your content is good enough). This can take time. Until that happens, a good PPC campaign is needed to bring those visitors to your website. A good PPC agency will be able to ensure you pay for your advertising through the profit made on your advertising, so you shouldn’t ever be out of pocket.

You can also look for magazine advertising, that allows you to promote products or services in exchange for a review.

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Get The Best New Technology Road Bike Wheels From Tuff

Feb 9, 2017

he cyclists of today is quite lucky as if they have the disposable income, they can easily make their bikes considerably faster. There are now so many different products available in the market that can assist them with their on road performance and one of them is the new technology available in road bike wheels. Well, of course high performance wheels are not really something new but some new technologies are incorporated to the new manufacturing abilities. Instead of just relying on aluminum rims, there are now rims that are made of carbon fiber and they are becoming more affordable.

Yes, having your own bike will allow a handful of good things. It can be your tool in keeping fit and it can also be your tool in exploring your area in a more adventurous manner. However, with the availability of affordable carbon fiber wheels from Tuff, you should take advantage of the performance advances.

Check out the noticeable improvements with carbon fiber wheels:

The wheels are lighter

Though there are also aluminum wheels that might be lighter than the other main stream offerings, still it is a given that carbon fiber material is lighter thus it is easier to manufacture into a similar sized/shaped wheel at a lower weight. At the same time, rim profiles can be made more aerodynamic without increased mass.

More comfortable

This is another factor that is given when you use a bike made of carbon fiber instead of Aluminum. While the road vibrations with Aluminum bikes will be transferred to the rider that is not the case with carbon fiber bikes. This is true of carbon fiber wheels are well.

Durable and resistance to impact

It is a common belief that that bikes made from carbon fiber are brittle and cannot be repaired that is definitely not the case today. There are now a number of times where carbon fiber bikes are successfully repaired. Also items made from carbon fiber have become more robust as layups and manufacturing technologies have improved.

Tuff is one of the most reputable and trusted suppliers of road bike wheels made of carbon fiber. At the same time, they also sell bike rims and other bike parts. To know more about their products, you should check out their online link.

Tuff has already been in this business for years and the good thing about them is they provide warranties for their products. This is why, you will have peace of mind when you get your carbon fiber wheels from them.

Author Bio – Calling on over a decades experience designing high end carbon fibre products, and technical systems engineering from the Australian and global automotive industries, TUFF is able to provide their customers the best developed equipment. By maintaining excellent relationships with only the best factories they are able to maintain the highest quality standards while keeping prices more affordable.

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Follow the Simple Tips If the Fitbit Flex is dead and won’t Charge

Feb 7, 2017

Today technology has improved a lot. There are many products available in the stores with various technological features. One of them is fitbit flex, it is a wireless activity. It tracks the activities like sleep, calories burned etc. It looks very simple about the size of a cloth pin, and detects your motion as per the activity. For example, if you wrap it around your wrist at night it monitors the sleep quality, when you wake up etc.

The fitbit flex will not hold the battery for the whole life. You have to keep it on charge as per the need. The time length of the battery usually depends on how often you will use it and the settings. As per the company, the battery of the fitbit flex will work for maximum of 5 days. However, what you have to do when the battery is dead and it won’t charge? Here are some suggestions by the fitbit:

Restart your tracker

You can rectify the problem without losing any information in your tracker by following simple steps:

  • Connect your fitbit charger to an outlet and keep the flex on charging.
  • The charge will have a tiny hole on the back side, place a paperclip into it.
  • Click on it for a few seconds (nearly 3-4 seconds), then you will notice a flash light, which twinkles few times.
  • After a while your charge will get start charging.

This is one of the simple processes which make your charge to function again. However, there are few other reasons you will come across if your charger will not work.

Clean Dust/ Debris

Check the charger twice before charging your flex. If you find any dust particles clean them because it will damage your charge and the flex will not charge. So, keep the charger clean to avoid problems. Some of the easy ways to clean the charger are:

  • Rub alcohol on a toothpick to clean the charger or you can even use a toothbrush for cleaning.
  • If you opt for a toothbrush make sure it is not wet.
  • Do not use a wire brush because it will spoil the plating on the charger.
  • Clean the charger pins with a piece of cotton dipping in alcohol.

Problem in USB port / outlet

Check whether the USB port have any damages. If the fitbit flex charger broken then you have to replace it. You can use a UL- certified charger, but never opt for a USB hub. In some cases, try to use the USB port on a computer or low powered devices to charge the flex.

Malfunctioning of Tracker:

Restart your tracker when there are problems like:

  • If it will not sync.
  • If it will not respond to taps, swipes etc.
  • If it will not track your activities.

If you have tried with all the techniques to rectify the problem but still your charger is not working. Then it is good to contact a customer service for help to solve the problem.



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Effective SMO & SEO Strategies adopted by Digital Media Advertisers

Jan 30, 2017

Today’s digital media advertisers depend largely on the online activities. They take the responsibility of leveraging the brand awareness of their clients’ products or services. For that, they are using the platforms of website optimization, email marketing, PPC, social media campaigns, video and content marketing to reach their targeted audiences. Being an investor, you can know about the different digital marketing technologies the advertising company is supposed to use for the branding of your products or services.

Using Alt Tag for images: Nowadays, a new group of web marketing researchers is working more on other Meta tags, like these Alt tags, which might be more beneficial for the SEO analysts. Using the alt tags in all the images can increase the chances of these images to index in Google images; and this will help to generate more traffic to the websites, these professionals are working on.

The social media icons are almost same. Therefore, if these professionals can add an alt tag mentioning “Follow us on Twitter”; this will help to generate more followers. This is perhaps the best role of the social media marketing.

Add more social media icons in websites: The Social Media icons are very common these days. In almost all pages, these icons are seen. Most of the ad agencies offering digital marketing solutions follow this strategy to increase the traffic rates.

 Their aim is to make the update popularize among the users and followers. SMO updates every single detail in sites. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, MySpace, Tumbler, Instagram, etc are some of the top social media sites, those are excellent in working along with the SEO operations. They can also help you to make money with Facebook ads as well.

 Know about the SEO costing, SMO, Facebook advertisement charges, and their additional rates prior to beginning the journey to avoid any kind of complications

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Important Features of GPS Tracking Software

Jan 29, 2017

Tracking your fleet of vehicles, mobile phone tracking or personal use, you would require reliable and reputed GPS software. It would not be wrong to suggest that technology has come of age in the present times. You need to hire a spy to keep track of a particular person of object, as technology provides you with gps tracking system. The software could be easily installed in the device and fitted in the vehicle that you wish to keep track of. In such a manner, you would be able to make the most of the technology for keeping track of personal, mobile phone or vehicle in the best manner possible.

Need for GPS tracking system

The present times have been tough for most people. It would not be wrong to suggest that people would safeguard their loved ones and assets in the right manner. There could be no better way to keep track of your fleet of vehicles than through gps tracking software. The software has been deemed imperative to be aware of your vehicle’s whereabouts. It would help you gain business, as you would be able to provide the customers with precise location of the vehicle carrying their stuff.

Features of a reliable GPS tracking system

The software has been designed in a manner that makes is user friendly. Apart from it, the software is compatible with contemporary mobile handsets. It offers feature rich user interface. The software has the ability to monitor numerous targets in a single account. It would not be wrong to suggest that all tasks would be performed instantly because of optimized software core. The free mobile application would enable the use of software in various mobile devices. It would also transform your Smartphone into a quality GPS tracker. The control panel area would help you control user accounts.

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