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Making a Balloon Piñata

Jun 21, 2018

Piñata is a well-decorated crock filled with light materials like toys, candy or confetti. It is used in parties as an activity to keep kids entertained and occupied. Here are the steps to follow to make a balloon piñata:

Collecting required materials

First, collect the necessary materials that you would like to fill the piñata with. Next, place newspapers over your work area to protect your work surface as it can get quite messy.

Mixing the contents

Put a reasonable amount of glue into your mixing bowl and slowly add water until the mixture has the consistency of a pancake mix or thinner.

The make

Inflate your balloon according to the size of the piñata you hope to make. Set the balloon on a cut-out water bottle for easier application. The bottle should be filled with water because it may tip over when the balloon gets too heavy. Next, dip the cut strips of papers into the glue mixture. Eliminate the excess glue by use of your hands and place the strips neatly on the balloon to avoid wrinkles allowing for a smoother surface. Allow the balloon to dry after covering it with one layer. Repeat these steps till there are about 5-6 layers of newspaper on the balloon.

Design your pinãta

Decide on your own decoration you want and choose the colours to paint accordingly. Elevate the balloon to ease your task of painting the balloon. After decoration is complete, pop your balloon which is to be done by making a hole at the opening. After the balloon bursts and collapses, remove it from piñata.

Finishing up

Trim the excess newspaper around the opening to give a clean finish. Once you have finished trimming the excess newspaper, make two holes on each side of the opening with a hole punch or push pin. Push pins make smaller holes, and therefore it should be repeated until the hole is big enough for string fitting. Once the two holes have been completed, tie the piñata using your strings.

Covering up and hanging

Do remember to fill your piñata with candy or confetti. Next, cover the opening of the piñata to prevent the fillings from falling out. Use tape or glue to close the top. After covering hang your piñata and determine the height to which you are to tie your piñata.

Party planning is already a huge responsibility. Why further burden yourself with making your own pinãta when you can purchase one and skip the hassle.

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Types of Vehicle Advertising

Jun 21, 2018

An advertising method should be an economical and operational one. Vehicle advertising is the best as because it is always in motion from one place to another which allows it to come into contact with many viewers. This is different from billboards as they are stationary and thus the people who view them are the ones in that particular place. For vehicle advertising, it is the cheapest as it moves from one place to another thus reducing the cost per viewing as it attracts a large number of people.

There are three methods of vehicle advertising which includes;

Use of Decals

They are easily removable and stick on the vehicle. Car decals are placed at the back or side windows. They can also be put on the door and the car sides. You can put the company’s details such as contacts, the name of the company and their products. Car decals are affordable and the best for a new company advertising. It is a budget-friendly method of advertising and it increases the number of clients. As the vehicle travels long distances, it will pass the information to people from different regions allowing the company to secure clients from many different areas.

Vehicle Wrap

These wrappers can cover the vehicle partially or fully. They are very attractive and contain a lot of information about the business. They are of different designs and most businesses include their logo and the picture of the product they deal with on it. This is of great benefit as large amounts of information can be spread to a large number of people, increasing the sales volume.

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering involves the use of pasting self-adhesive vinyl letters on vehicles. It can be customised according to your desired size and budget. It is a form of operational outdoor advertising and is a great way of making an impression to potential customers. When the vehicle is on the move, the brand is advertised to a large audience. This leads to increased sales and thus increased profit for the company.

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