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The Top 8 Must Have at your 18th Birthday Party

May 16, 2018

There is nothing as exciting in anyone’s life as their 18th birthday. When you turn 18, you become an adult. However, before the adult life begins, you got to plan for a great 18th birthday party. It has to be lit. We listed 8 must-haves at your 18th party.

Get a Guest List

It may sound obvious, but some people forget about it. Not sending out invitations may attract party crushers who have become a hard force to reckon with. You do not want strangers in your party.

Entertainment of course!

It is most likely that your party will be attended by friends your age. You do not want to have them come to your party then remain on their phones the whole time. Some good entertainment elevates a party.

Food is a Must!

It is probably the most essential aspect in a party. Therefore, you have to have food and get it right. This aspect could boil down to the party’s venue. For instance, if the party will be in a hotel, the hotel might supply food and drinks as part of the agreement. If it will be in your house, then get food that is not messy like crisps, popcorns for guests to nibble on

Photo booths & Instaprint

Not only will this bring life to your party but also function as a way to document the party. Instaprint will allow customers to customize the photos to their preference and not be limited to the photos taken by the photographer. It is sure to be a crowd appealer!

A Party Theme isn’t so Bad

Picking a theme for your birthday can be unique and fun too. It makes the party fancy. People like dressing up for parties. Also, the photos taken will be great!

Have Some Adult Goody Bags

This may be outdated but it could be great if done properly. You can have it with gifts such as masks for people to wear. Also glow sticks could be a great idea.

Alcohol Treats for Adults.

Well, this will depend on your policy about alcohol. Alcohol is always good for parties; especially adult parties and you are now an adult too. You can include treats such as jelly shots. Alcohol lightens up the party.

Vouchers will make the Party Unforgettable!

This could act as a thank you, to your guests. So, you can have vouchers such as iTune vouchers or a lucky dip for Euro Millions! Who will ever forget a party they attended and won a couple of pounds?

At the end of the day, the 18th birthday is such a significant party in our lives. Turning 18 creates the line between childhood and adulthood. You cannot afford not to have a lit 18th birthday. The list we mentioned above are a must have at your birthday. Make your 18th birthday memorable. Have a good one!

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