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What is Local SEO And How Can Businesses Build Local SEO

Apr 23, 2018

Local SEO is a search engine optimization that provides searchers with relevant results based on their location. It is used as a marketing strategy by businesses for the promotion of their products. Local SEO avails the information about your products to local customers at the appropriate time. It is a convenient marketing approach to market online since it generates more leads to your businesses. Nowadays, mobile search is enabled and thus, thousands of smartphone users to access the best local business. Local SEO employs a variety of technics such as building online reviews and creating localized content to get your site ranked highly on search engines.

Through local SEO, your business can garner potential customers by posting your business on the search engine platforms. Local SEO delivers a higher return on investment compared to other advertising methods. There are various ways that businesses can use to build a local SEO. These are;

Use Google Plus Local

When building a local SEO, you have to link your business Google plus page to Google my business. After, you should trend the content by posting on social media. Through Google plus, you get assured that your customers would locate you using their devices. Your business Google plus page should get verified by the use of authentic third-party sites such as Angie’s List. By this, you raise the trust with the customers. When your site gets linked to qualified data sources, you climb fast and ranks high in local SEO. Local searches have proved remarkable in generating more leads to your site. Google my Business has features such as messaging and booking thus, helping you promote your products.

Consistency for Structured Citations

It is crucial that you use the correct name, address and give the right contacts on your site. Variety of contradicting information lowers your business ranking on local SEO. Therefore, the use of consistent details pertaining your business generates more leads and hence ranks high in search optimization.

Host User Generated reviews

The content generated by users depicts uniqueness and is of high quality. Search engines optimization recommends for content that is often updated and that which is relevant and unique for users. It is advisable that your Google my Business page features high-quality reviews. The images you use should be search engine friendly. Giving response to both negative and positive reviews garners you more clients. Engaging with the customers shows your concern for them.

Utilize Social Media

You can use the different social networks to trend your Local SEO site. It is vital to post photos of the business and also be responsible for the questions asked. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with help you build your Local SEO profile.


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