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Designing a wedding photo booth

Mar 21, 2018

A wedding photo booth is one of the amazing things people opt to have in their weddings. A photo booth contains a fun backdrop that attracts friends and families to go before the camera to be captured. It’s always important to treat your friends and families to a photo booth. This is mainly because it’s not every day you can find yourself dressed up in good looking dresses and suits standing in front of the camera. To design a good wedding photo booth, you should consider some concepts that are discussed below.

Use a couch, a cute quote, and some garland

This majorly involves dragging the couch against one of the good-looking walls and then write some beautiful quotes like wonderful day ever that makes the backdrop look nicer. Also, a nice festoon is hanged to make the wall more juiced up.

Make a giant oversized frame

The oversized frame is usually easy, presentable and really admirable. It is suitable especially if you do not have room to abate a whole space for photo booth because it is portable, but it still works with a scenery.

Use beautiful flowers to make an attractive backdrop

This concept involves putting aside a room for photo booth portion and take some time making beautiful floral loops. Also, add a cute couch and place some other beautiful props like a table and a flower holder.

Use sheer curtains and lights for something simple and pretty

This idea concerns attaching lights behind the sheer curtains for a very stylish effect for your photo booth. Add some cool and fun props that make the place more attractive and beautiful for taking pictures.

Use tissue paper and glitter for a cool backdrop

This is another way that makes a good wedding photo entails flowers of different colours that are put together in a flower holder to make a stylish and cute backdrop. This excites everyone thus enabling you to make some good looking pictures.


It is clearly seen if you observe the above concepts when designing a wedding photo booth, it will be cool, attractive and simple hence creating beautiful photos. Also, a cool backdrop entails some funny and cute props that make the area look more attractive. A professional photo booth company will be able to provide all these services for you.

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