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Top Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than Pcs

Jan 13, 2017

It is a matter of unending debate whether Mac is better than the Pcs or not. Both the machines have some pros and cons and moreover, choosing a Mac computer or a Pc solely depends on the choice of the buyer. The MacBooks are no longer been only the hobbyist’s passion, today these laptops are mostly carried by the entrepreneurs and top employees mainly handling business propagation. With its multiple apps and speedy OS, a certain section of users find Mac efficient enough to perform their tasks better than the Pcs. As a debate still goes on, let’s explore some of the undeniable reasons that clarify why Macs are better than Pcs.

OS User-experience

Te catastrophe of Windows 8 is witnessed by almost all Windows lovers and with the help of which they run their personal computers whether desktops or laptops. Following the footsteps of Mackintosh computers, they tried to incorporate the touch based computing on the screens but it failed in various ways along with various other discrepancies. But sooner or later Microsoft did strike back with its Windows 10 that is quite a popular version of the OS delving into various new features and successful won hearts of million users.

The OS X El Capitan, on the contrary, is stable and clean with an incredible interface which is easy to access. Users of Mac computers prefer the touch based computing with great mouse gesture improvements. The operating system from the house of Apple is preferred for being polished that ensures great user experience.


When it comes to security the PCs stand to be more vulnerable than that of the Macs. Users of Windows OS have to install and upgrade the antivirus all the time to keep their computers safe from any unethical intrusion whether virus or malware attack and from the hackers as well. Over the years, the Mac computers are enjoying the invulnerability as the chances of the virus attack is less. But, users are required to be extra careful and surf smartly for not letting the sophisticated hackers to intrude the system. Thus, when it comes to security, using a MacBook or a Desktop is more reliable than trusting the PCs.

Included Software

PC users are fond of the myriad and excellent software packages they are catered with. Most of which are downloaded for free while some are paid which the users install per their requirements. But none of the software comes with the machine. This is a bit different when it is about a MacBook. As you unbox the device and switch it on- you will find a series of apps and software there were pre-loaded in these Apple devices. Though you will be catered with iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Photos, Numbers, iTunes, Maps, Keynote, FaceTime and more still you have the option to visit the Mac App Store that allows you to access additional apps to download. Plus, you can run the MS Office in your Mac, so don’t worry about the compatibility issue in the OS X.

Author’s Bio

V.K. Rajagopalan is a successful software consultant, associated with one of the finest companies. It is his passion towards his job that has led him to become a tech blogger. His blogs are helpful for readers looking forward to guidelines on Mac and other computers.

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The Advantages of Outsourcing Call Handling

Jan 13, 2017

Small businesses have to compete with their larger cousins, and this means offering the kind of service one would expect in a global marketplace, which can put a strain on a one man show. Outsourcing is one way of ensuring great customer support, and with a range of services on offer, the entrepreneur has all the tools for success.

Virtual Receptionist

Having your business phone lines manned is not something that is open to negotiation, and unless you have a full time PA, you will need the services of a virtual receptionist. The system works when you receive a call, and via a virtual number, the caller is instantly transferred to a professional receptionist who is located at a call centre. This person would be fully briefed in your company and its products, and would be able to take the necessary action on your behalf, ensuring complete customer support, and this can be extended to a round the clock service if necessary. Here is a telephone answering services infographic that explains the various services offered by such a company, and with their experience across a range of industries, your calls will be in good hands.

Customer Support

Some companies offer their customers an emergency support service, and it takes up a lot of resources to man the lines and liaise with the support teams in the field. A call handling company would be able to take on this role, and with an average response time of 5 seconds, your customers will always receive a prompt response, followed by the right action.

Message Taking

You might not have the time to answer your calls, what with daily meetings and long hours of driving, so consider a message taking service, and this can ensure that you receive all information via your preferred method, which might be an SMS, e-mail, or a phone call. If your office is having problems due to incorrect or slow message taking, here are some basic techniques that might help.

Overflow Call Handling

It could be that you are in the middle of a large project, and your key staff are too busy answering the phone, and by using the services of a call handler for a short while, the team can focus on the job at hand, and your high level of customer support is not compromised in any way. Seasonal surges often push our resources to the limits, and by making an alliance with a reputable call answering service, the problem is solved.

Campaign Support

A new product launch will be designed to generate as much interest as possible, and ideally, you would have several phone lines, waiting for the right response. Some entrepreneurs fail to provide adequate support and consequently, the campaign is a failure. A professional company would be able to handle any number of calls, and all will be dealt with in a professional manner, and this means your sales campaign will be successful and your client base will increase.

The multiple roles that a call handling company can fill, make it an indispensable service to many small businesses, and with their support, the business can steadily grow and reach its targets.

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